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Just My Thoughts on Getting Older and Getting Wiser

There are plenty of middle-age people who are wiser than old people due to the decisions they’ve made during their lives. We all make mistakes, but wise people own up to theirs.

Table of Content

1. Getting older and getting wiser.
2. Learning should be added to our life.
3. So how can we gain more wisdom?
4. Does time make us wiser?

Getting Older And Getting Wiser

Getting Older and Getting Wiser

The older is wiser theory comes from the reality that because older people have viewed and experienced more situations. And their advice would more likely be more accurate.

Today we find our modern world full of people who are afraid of old age and the impending darkness.

When you are young, your naivety can actually enable you to appreciate concepts or ideas in ways that older people cannot imagine.

You Are Growing Older That Cannot Be Changed

The problem is times do change, and it is necessary to listen to our peers, because their advice may be more relevant to today’s world.

By the time you are in your sixties, you have probably met many personalities, political agendas and life experiences.

Often the younger generation, myself included, forget to stay quiet and think through decisions. We have so many ways of communicating at our fingertips.

We prefer to publish our painful decisions on the Internet and consider peers’ reactions, rather than to think through a decision personally and try to seek advice from certain people.

People View Older Age as a Negative Fact

Today, technology frightens many older people due to its extreme novelty, complexity, and, above all, because it is continually changing.

We need cognitive tools and systems that strike the correct balance between experience and learning, expertise and flexibility.

We need to send the message that these skills don’t die as you get older, but they get rusty when you don’t use them, and the brain changes over time, which requires you to change your strategies.

Learning Should Be Added to Our Life

In searching for wisdom, it is essential to consider his age and how the person lived his life and his choices.

As someone once said, although wisdom is based on life experience, the mere accumulation of years does not guarantee anything.

You Are Obviously More Knowledgeable Now

A young person can be well-informed for their age, but there is still a lack of experience, they haven’t tasted life yet.

As we get older, the more we concentrate on what we can contribute. Now you want to simplify your life, rather than complicate it by buying more appliances or moving to a bigger house.

We should look to others with a contrasting perspective and embrace this resistance, and to those who have had a similar life experience.

While things are easy when you’re young, the sacrifices and struggles of those older than you aren’t part of your thinking. But as your life becomes more difficult, so does your understanding.

Compared to younger adults who still experience life’s insecurities, older adults are more confident in themselves and their lives, resulting in lower stress levels.

A Quality of Being Wise Is a Discerning Nature

For many people, daily life stresses are reduced when their children leave home, retire, and have more time to do what they want to do.

Instead, you can see getting older as a way to become wiser and use that knowledge to find other ways to get that meaning out of life.

So How Can We Gain More Wisdom?

Instead of respecting our elders and appreciating their lived wisdom, too many cast them aside as if they’re no longer of use.

Negative stereotypes tend to rule, but a steady positive perception of ageing in the popular psyche is that age brings wisdom.

There Is No Simple Answer for Wisdom

This is why people say that with age comes wisdom. The more you try and focus on learning from your mistakes, the more wisdom you can gain.

Yet, when we are willing to try new things and have a positive, encouraging influence on others, we can share wisdom and experience with others.

True wisdom means identifying yourself and, believing you still have the energy for personal growth at any age, for the brain doesn’t stop producing cells.

  • Wisdom is just something that we achieve through experiences and living.
  • When we were younger, we turned to our parents and elders for advice.
  • Being older does not necessarily mean you are wiser than others.
  • Our parents and ancestors have a lot of influence on our lives.

Even the wise owl, the animal most associated with wisdom, exhibits characteristics associated with age, including alertness, composure, and the temperance of years of experience.

All of us look for wisdom and wish to be wise and use that in our lives, but it’s difficult to decide who to ask or where to find wisdom when growing up.

When people with contrasting views enter the picture, we take on those new outlooks, which leads to wisdom and growth.

Active Minds Have Extraordinary Potential

Continuing education can be an important way to cultivate wisdom in later years, researchers say, because it fights isolation.

It’s essential to listen to those in our lives who can furnish us with wisdom, and recognise the unique perspective they bring.

Does Time Make Us Wiser?

Sometimes as people age, they can become stuck in their ways and lose touch with what is vital to those younger than them.

They strive to set an example by living their lives according to deeply rooted principles, values, and teachings taught to them by their yesteryear elders.

Change occurs as we age, and instead of thinking about how old we are, we think about how much time we have left and how we can thrive, while we have to settle for less.

You Have Several Advantages and Disadvantages

We spend our time doing the things that we enjoy because we have learned in our wisdom that our lives are there to live for us, not to live them for others.

Healthy ageing begins with enthusiastic support for communities with ageing populations.

Does Wisdom Increase as We Grow Older?

Although the gift of wisdom in later adulthood is frequently thought of as the highest form of human progress, wisdom is not automatically given as a reward for growing older. The growth of life experiences does not automatically activate wisdom even in adulthood.

As we get older, there is more of a sense of protection that we need to embody in ourselves and those around us whom we love.

Instead of cursing what you can’t control, why not celebrate the honour of growing old with a playlist of pop, rock and country songs about ageing?

The Older We Become, the Quicker Time Seems to Go By

Each situation is different, but with people’s experience in the past, you can answer the problems of the present.

Some of these older people who go through life are people we respect and admire. Still, they practically all seem remote and maybe even more so when we admire them.

That is why I’m convinced that the younger generation can learn from an older one’s experience. And older generations have young people who care for them and above all provide moral support.