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The earth’s climate is constantly changing through natural processes. The earth experiences long cycles of warming and cooling, and in the past century, humans have had a role in this global warming. Even before industrialisation and widespread pollution, the earth was still warmer than it has been at other points before.

The Earths Climate, Does It Matter That It's Changing or Not?

Table of Content

1. The earths climate is changing
2. The basics of climate and weather
3. We are causing it to change
4. How will this affect us?
5. What can we do about it?
6. Yes, earths climate matters and here’s why

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The Earths Climate Is Changing

We’re a generation that has grown accustomed to change — technology, culture, and fashion are just a few things that evolve over time.

But why does the climate matter? It’s because changes in weather affect every region on earth and everyone’s day-to-day life.

Take rising temperatures for instance which make it unbearable to seek shelter outside during the hottest part of the year. Or chances of floods or an increase in tremors which can affect buildings and roads.

Environmental changes can also alter wildlife habitats and migration habits as well as ruin crops or change the acidity of our ocean. And that causes polluted waters and increased mortality rates to fish and other aquatic organisms.

Research shows that it’s been changing consistently over billions of years as a natural occurrence which means nothing to worry about.

But what happens when the change occurs over a very short time? A short-term change in climate is known as an Intense Climate Change. This can happen over time-periods ranging from seconds to months.

Not all climate change is natural. It can be caused by human activities, like the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation.

Now, Earths climate is changing faster than in the past. The faster it changes, the more devastating the results will be. However, we can still somehow try and avoid these effects or at least reduce them.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what we call climate change—global warming or climate change—the facts are that the Earth’s climate is changing, and humans have played a tremendous role in that.

Because you and I are concerned with the welfare of our families and friends, it should be of great concern to us that our planet’s climate is changing.

One day, perhaps sooner than we think, these changes will affect those closest to us.

The Basics of Climate and Weather

People have been talking about the weather for as long as there has been a language to talk in.

When discussing climate, we’re really talking about the big picture of Earth’s climate systems. How they work and how they can be influenced.

Climate is the average weather that occurs over a long period of time, usually decades or hundreds of years.

Weather refers to the changes in the atmosphere from hour to hour or even year to year.

Earth’s climate is shaped by powerful natural forces such as its orbit around the sun. Also, its location compared to other bodies in our solar system, and its rotation on its axis.

These powerful forces produce changes that include dramatic, cataclysmic events like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and storms of incredible power.

The Earth’s climatic system is one of the most changeable elements on our planet. No one is sure as to what it may be in the future, whether it will continue to be what it is today.

It doesn’t take a degree in science to understand that if the Earths climate changes, then our lives must change with it.

It is a basic knowledge that when the Earths climate changes, we humans must adapt. Yet there are many matters in the science of the Earths climate that require further study before we can fully understand it.

It is our responsibility as a member of a globe-spanning civilisation to both grow in our understanding and adapt with what we learn.

We need to be more aware of the Earths climate. We need to work together for better solutions. And not just for ourselves, but for the overall good of our planet and all the life on it.

The Earths climate is changing, and no matter how one feels about it, he or she should take a moment to understand why this is happening.

  • Climate change can affect you and your family
  • We must take steps to make the necessary changes
  • Understanding the climate crisis isn’t difficult
  • Understand how to make changes in your lifestyle
  • Your life should adapt to the changes that are happening
  • The effects of climate change can be felt in everyday life

We Are Causing It to Change

We all know that our climate is changing, but do we really know why it is changing? Plenty of books have been written on the subject and yet there are still a lot of people who aren’t sure what the reality is.

Changing climatic conditions are causing a myriad of issues throughout the planet today, from rising sea levels to ever-expanding deserts.

You don’t have to be a science genius to figure out that our climate has been and continues to move in a totally different direction despite our best efforts to control them.

If we want to be able to live comfortably on this planet and see this planet continue to provide us with the life-sustaining resources we desperately need, then we must closely investigate our climate.

We need to understand how it has changed in the past, how much evidence we have that it is changing today. And find out what is causing it and how it will affect our daily lives.

Climate Change and Human Health

The effects of climate change are wide-spread and can be seen in different areas of our lives. There are many studies that show the immediate effects of climate change on human health, one of which is through worsening infectious diseases…read more

By doing so, we can work towards preventing climate change for our future generations, ensuring their survival.

We all want a sustainable world for the future and those who will live on our planet.

Being aware of the changing climate, we can work towards preventing the most threatening effects of climate change. Because let’s face it, we only have one Earth to share between 7 billion people.

So, it makes sense if every one of us does whatever we can to keep it clean and healthy for future generations.

As a global community, we need to actively take more steps towards improving our environment and the current climate.

In doing so, we are ensuring that all our future generations will have a planet that they can be proud of and won’t mind leaving behind.

How Will This Affect Us?

There are currently many theories as to what will happen to the earth and its climate over the next 100 years.

Both scientists and politicians have differing opinions on what we can expect. We’re all wondering how our own lives will be affected.

Will we still go on holiday to exotic destinations? Will we be living in a world of conflicts due to resources?

Seems like just about every week something related to earths climate is making the news. From new studies showing potentially huge impacts on weather, to more government policies being created and enforced – it’s a hot topic.

Some argue that global warming is just an issue being pushed so we can spend money on big government programs. While others say we need this now more than ever.

But still, others take a step back and say that maybe these things aren’t causing such significant change after all.

At a point where the Earth’s climate is primarily marked by human activities, it is important to see when and how the climate will be affecting us. And let’s not forget how we might be able to combat such effects.

Earth’s climate can be strongly influenced by natural processes (e.g., changes in incoming solar radiation caused by orbital variations or volcanic eruptions). And then we have human activities (e.g., emissions of greenhouse gases and aerosols that affect the radiative balance of the atmosphere).

The climate of the Earth is subject to constant change due to a myriad of factors. However, for life to be sustained on our planet, the mean temperature must remain within certain parameters.

This means that the Earth naturally adjusts and strives to reach this balance by itself.

The climate will continue to change, and we may not be able to prevent it. We don’t know what the results of this, or how soon they will occur. Yet all of us will have to live our lives knowing that we are affecting the climate in some way.

The best way for us to prepare for this, is for us all to make positive steps towards a healthier planet, environmentally and otherwise. Our future as a species depends on it.

  • Warming is linked to climate change
  • Understand how each of us can help make a difference
  • We are responsible for maintaining a healthy environment
  • We might see less rainfall in some areas and storms in others
  • How will this affect you, your family, and others around the world
  • Global average temperatures will increase over the next few decades

What Can We Do about It?

Earth’s climate is one of the most controversial subjects in today’s society. With hundreds upon hundreds of research books and facts that can either be ignored or overlooked.

Unfortunately, the climate change topic is often considered a myth by many people.

Would it be possible to have a healthier earth? It’s very possible, but in truth we are a large part in the deterioration of our planet.

I certainly do not mean that we are the only factor, but more like the largest part for us humans. Humans constantly pollute our water and the air around us, even when we don’t really realise it.

Earth’s climate is warming, and we need to do everything we can to stop it. We can recycle, use less water, turn our lights off when we leave the room and do many other things to make the world a greener place to live.

The changes that must be made in our lifestyle and the decision to go green is hard to do.

Our planet is not what it used to be and there are facts that show this. But we as human beings need to change a few of our actions if we are going to be able to have a better and more productive earth.

The truth is no one knows all the variables that are needed to make this a possibility.

But, for sure, governments and corporations around the world can invest more in renewable resources and stop depending fully on oil. If you factor in the cost of this fossil fuel it is not worth it.

Looking at our planet the way that we do there is a lot that could be change.

The technological growth has been amazing but there are many perils out there. I think if we keep on track with technology and change the way we treat each other and our planet it will continue to only get better.

So go green, do your part for the environment, and help save our earth.

Yes, Earths Climate Matters and Here's Why

Not everyone agrees that earth’s climate matters. There are a group of people out there who believe that climate change is a hoax. But here’s the thing, they got it wrong. Earth’s climate is changing, and it matters.

Earth’s climate matters because it influences the health and happiness of all living beings on this planet — past, present, and future.

It is a vibrant, living, breathing thing that allows life to flourish and then subsides for a time. Today we are in an era of profound change.

Earth has the right climate for life. But in the long term, the climate isn’t fixed.

The ancient climate and recent climate changes have been seen and described in many historical documents.

Earth’s temperature and other important indicators are constantly changing today. And because they do, our future – your future – is shaped by that change.

Earth’s climate is affected by human-induced increases of greenhouse gas air pollution. Climate change is the result of the greenhouse effect warming our planet and causing climate disruptions.

The evidence tells us that one of the main causes of greenhouse gases is burning coal, oil, and natural gas to produce electricity, heat and drive our cars.

Ultimately, the climate crisis that we have now is one of our own making.

It has arisen due to the abuse of natural resources by humans and our failure to understand that we are interdependent with other living beings.

On a larger scale, we must work together at an international level to tackle this issue through raising awareness among willing countries. And then by working together we can come up with policies that will promote sustainable practices.

The main conclusion we’ve arrived at here is that if you care about the future of our planet and the health of future generations, it’s time to get involved.


The average weather that occurs over a long period of time, usually decades or hundreds of years, is referred to as climate. Intense climate change is a very short-term shift in the Earth’s climate. Human activities such as the usage of fossil fuels and deforestation can contribute to it. The Earth’s climate system is one of the most volatile features of our planet. Changing climatic circumstances are producing a slew of problems across the world today, from rising sea levels to ever-expanding deserts.

We are all aware that our climate is changing, but do we understand why? The Earth’s climate is constantly changing due to a variety of variables. We can act to prevent the most dangerous effects by being aware of it. Change will continue, and we may not be able to stop it.

We must do all possible to make the planet a greener place. Our species’ future depends on our taking constructive measures toward a better planet. Climate change is one of today’s most contentious issues. The climate of the Earth is important because it affects the health and happiness of all living things on the planet. So be green, do your part to aid the environment, and contribute to the preservation of our planet.

Earth’s climate matters because it gives us food, air to breathe and water to drink and we must protect it for all life.

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