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How Does Hearing Loss Happen?

Some people are born with ‘hearing loss’, have gone deaf through illness or infection, or with age. However, some people have gone deaf or had their hearing impaired by external noise. Unfortunately our modern world is quite noisy – it is noisy in the street, at work and even in the home.

Table of Content

1. Everyday Sounds Could be Damaging Your Ears
2. It is Unwise to Push Your Ears to This Limit
3. Avoiding Hearing Damage
4. Long Periods of Loud Sounds Without Protection Will Result In Loss

Hearing Loss

Everyday Sounds Could Be Damaging Your Ears

If you have never thought before about how everyday sounds could be damaging your ears, then here are some examples of the common causes of damage and how you can prevent damage impairing your own hearing.

Sound is measured in decibels: the higher the number of decibels the louder the noise. Your ears can only endure high decibel levels for a certain length of time.

At the lower end of the sound spectrum you will find noise such as a motorcycle engines, lawn mowers and some hairdryers. All of these sounds measure around 90 decibels and can be endured by the ear for around 8 hours.

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It Is Unwise to Push Your Ears to This Limit

Chainsaws or car engines measure around 110 decibels. These sounds can only be realistically endured for 2 hours before they begin to affect your hearing. This really isn’t very long.

If you work with this type of machinery, have your head under the hood of a car throughout the day, or are involved with anything with a similar volume level you will need to take regular breaks.

If these levels of noise are in a work environment, there are likely to be Health and Safety guidelines in effect.

However, if you are working with such equipment in your own home, you certainly need to be aware of the potential damage that prolonged exposure to these levels of noise can cause.

Rock concerts and nightclubs are around 125 decibels, which is extremely loud and can be very bad for your ears. Hardly anyone who goes to a club on a regular basis seems to be aware of the damage being done to them.

Most people stay all night at such events whereas these sound levels can only realistically be tolerated safely for around 15 minutes.

If you are unlucky enough to work in such an environment then you really are going to have to think long and hard about the damage that could be caused to you.

Avoiding Hearing Damage

Pneumatic drills, aeroplanes taking off, and sirens give off an amazing 140 decibels. This volume of noise can only be tolerated for a couple of minutes at a time.

Once again if you work in the vicinity of these noisy machines, there will almost certainly be guidelines in place.

With most loud machinery you will probably be required to wear protective headphones in order to minimise the amount of damage that can be done.

This does not just apply for machinery such as pneumatic drills, but also some of the ‘quieter’ examples such as chainsaws.

The good news is that hearing loss caused at work or through recreational activities is avoidable.

At work you should make sure that you follow your safety guidelines and ensure that you wear the appropriate ear defenders.

Outside of work can be trickier because you are in charge of your own hearing protection.

However something as simple as a good quality pair of earplugs can offer you a level of protection that could easily help to prevent any permanent ‘hearing loss’.

Long Periods of Loud Sounds without Protection Will Result in Loss

Losing your hearing may be extremely damaging to your living in general. While some people unfortunately lose their hearing totally, numerous individuals may possibly just experience a small drop in the quality of it.

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If a person is exposed to loud music on a continual basis they will experience some degree of hearing damage.

Taking precautions just before entering an environment in which loud music is commonplace is one way to prevent any damage to the ears. Of course soon after ears have been subjected to loud noise it really is often hard to correct the harm without some form of cure.

Ear protectors ought to be worn if normal conversation can’t be heard, and it is replaced with shouting.

The minute hairs inside the outer ear become damaged following prolonged periods of time in that sort of condition.

The effects of damage are compounded over time if the exposure to loud noises is continual. The strain levels of someone who is losing their hearing gradually over a period of time will increase.

It is likely that on top of the additional stress, there will also be increases in the quantity of time somebody has off work, and instances of headaches or other bodily ailments can increase.

You’ll find some things someone suffering with hearing damage can do, but there’s no scientifically proven cure for it at this time. Many men and women find that practicing standard yoga, and breathing techniques will help them to relax and not focus on their hearing problem.

Many other people will turn to things like acupuncture or other alternative therapies in order to lessen the impact of ‘hearing loss’ on their lives.

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