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Costa Rica for Your Caribbean Travel Adventure

When you are thinking about which place to go on the next vacation, check out the world of fantastic adventure known as Costa Rica.

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1. Time for you to Discover Costa Rica
Costa Rica, a fabulous Paradise for Eco-Tourism
3. Canoe, Horseback, and Balloon
4. San Jose and Tamarindo

Time for You to Discover Costa Rica

A fabulous Costa Rica Caribbean vacation helps you to discover active volcanoes. You’ll see wildlife, discover vibrant rainforests close up, and go swimming and relax on fantastic beaches.

This incredible country is among the few greatest paradises which have been kept unaffected in the world. There aren’t any armed service bases or even nuclear energy plants, plus Costa Rica is loaded with lots of cultures. Furthermore, there’s a tropical climate.

Consequently, there isn’t any winter season to cope with. Costa Rica is really a democratic society and is also one of the more relaxed in this world.

The very last civil war took place in 1948. After that, it abolished the military, and they have avoided military coups, dictatorships, terrorism and other kinds of discord so typical in various parts of this world.

Costa Rica Will Present You with a Pleasant, Warm Welcome Regardless of What Area of the Country You Intend to Visit

Costa Rica stands for “rich coast,” yet Costa Rica has got much more to offer you than merely a coast. Here’s a country of outstanding natural splendour also it includes numerous varieties of wildlife not even seen in many other areas of the world.

Among the most visited North American countries the number one is the USA, where New York City is considered the most attractive landmark for travellers. (Travelling to America)

Many of These Creatures Are Extremely Rare and Will Only Ever Be Seen When You Visit Coast Rica

Furthermore, vegetation is extraordinarily diversified and attractive also. You’ll find more than 10,000 varieties of plants and several stunning flowers. Moreover, nearly 2000 species of tree are documented within this beautiful country.

Travelling here should present you with a remarkably enjoyable vacation, along with a unique and countless plants and creatures to see in their natural surroundings.

Along with the terrain, animals and wild birds which anyone curious about the environment should see, Costa Rica has roughly 835 varieties of fish. Seven-hundred of those are saltwater fish.

The fishermen among you really should have an excellent time going fishing in crystal clear blue waters. Quite simply challenging yourselves to try to catch one of these unusual species of fish.

At this point, let me concentrate for just a moment around the north-west area of Coast Rica, known as Guanacaste. A lot of travellers visit in recent times due to its ever-evolving landscape and also the numerous pursuits made available.

There are multiple trips available to take, regardless of what your likes and dislikes are, you’ll find something to like. By using these tours, you’ll get a closer look at the many exotic plants, trees, wild animals, flowers, and fish.

What Is Costa Rica Known For?

Nowadays, thanks to the rich volcanic soil, Costa Rica is well-known for its gourmet coffee beans with the famous Tarrazú considered among the finest beans in the world. Along with bananas, coffee might just be the most famous Costa Rican export. Costa Rica Vacations

No matter what your needs, you ought to find something that you like on the experience. Many of these may depend upon the area of this country you visit.

A trip to the rain forest, watching birds together with English speaking guides that are professionals in recognition themselves ought to enable you to see many unusual varieties close up.

An alternative could be to have a canopy tour, that is a popular tour in most regions in Coast Rica. Having said that, to enjoy the rain forest at its best, steer clear of trips going through locations from north to west. Within these spots, climates are usually much drier, so the plants and flowers aren’t as vibrant as other locations.

Costa Rica, a Fabulous Paradise for Eco-Tourism

For many who would really like a place to go for eco-tourism, Costa Rica is challenging to beat. For just a small country located in Central America which is only 19,730 miles square, there’s most definitely much to do and see there.

Found in between Nicaragua to the North and with Panama to the South, Costa Rica is probably the most prosperous and stable of the Latin American countries.

You’ll find warm beach resorts on the Pacific and the Atlantic coasts with the country for those sun vacationers yet the primary appeal of Costa Rica is considered the eco-tourism. One example is, there’s a broader assortment of bird species within Costa Rica on it’s own than all Europe and even North America.

Incredibly, you’ll find varied eco-systems and micro-climates in Costa Rica. As well as the coastal beaches, there’s dense jungles and even rainforests having a wide selection of fauna. Some are known as cloud forests due to moisture from the mists among the many trees in certain parts.

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One particular forest has got a cable car setup so as tourists can watch the plant and wildlife from tree-top level. For an even more adventurous person, you could swing from tree to tree working with a system of rope attachments.

There's Also Dry Forests in Addition to Chillier Barren Volcanic Tundra

Extraordinary adjustments to the micro-climate will be found sometimes within a half-hour of travel. Certain parts in the country you’ll discover canal systems very similar to the ones in the Amazon and several rivers deliver superb white-water river rafting.

There are a few volcanoes in the country plus the extinct ones can be easily accessed as they are sightseeing attractions. Some have got stunning turquoise colour lakes which have formed within the craters at the top.

Among the most well-known active volcanoes, there is Arenal. Visitors can safely enjoy the eruptions from nearby facilities that have outdoor hot-springs heated from the volcano.

Along with the numerous wild birds that may be seen, there’s a considerable quantity of various other amazing wildlife. This includes sloths, monkeys, bats, jaguars, and reptiles that could be seen during one of the several offered nature tours.

Annually, there are sea turtles which come to particular beaches to nest. That occasion appeals to a lot of nature lovers. When it comes to scuba divers, Costa Rica gives you fantastic diving options plus they are very different to other areas of the Caribbean. The more substantial levels of plankton within the local oceans appeal to more significant amounts of marine life than parts of the Caribbean.

Bananas and coffee are examples of the primary exports from Costa Rica. For you coffee fans here is the opportunity to taste several of the finest in the world. However, be aware the residents prefer their coffee very strong. Trips through the valleys will frequently visit a variety of coffee plantations.

The majority of tourists fly to the city of San Jose. You will find several charming colonial-style structures in San Jose. However, it’s not among the more pleasant places for you to stay when in Costa Rica. This city is very noisy in addition to polluted yet it is reasonably safe.

It’s possible to make use of San Jose as the starting point for a lot of day trips into the many rainforests, volcanoes and even beach locations. Tourists could also fly into Liberia, a city found within the northern area of the country. This can be a lot quieter and is close to a lot of north area resorts.

One particular alternative that lots of vacationers consider is renting a motor vehicle and touring the country independently. Having said that, the roadways within this country aren’t some of the best and have lots of potholes.

Mudslides are frequent throughout the wet months, June-November. However, if hiring an automobile, then a 4×4 is most definitely advised.

There’s a great deal to discover, and lots of visitors go back to see areas of the country they missed previously. This country is considered the most popular area to visit in Central America.

Is It Safe to Drive a Car in Costa Rica?

Yes it is safe to rent & drive a car around Costa Rica. The 2 biggest issues are petty theft, so always carry your valuables with you – never leave them in the car for even minute stops – and traffic cops that remove license plates when you park illegally. Trip Advisor

Canoe, Horseback, and Balloon

Upon arrival in Costa Rica, the very first thing you might notice is the rich landscapes and magnificent scenery.

For those who have never visited this country, you’re missing out big-time. Travel assumes a totally new definition given that after the planning has ended, the real fun gets started. Just how many ways do you think that you can enjoy your vacation?

  • Found in Central America, pretty much to the south of Nicaragua and also north from Panama is in fact Costa Rica.
  • Most of the areas of Costa Rica should be seen when trekking across the system of hiking trails that guide hikers throughout detailed ecosystems.
  • Costa Rica has the Caribbean Sea on the east coast with the Pacific Ocean positioned on the west coast.
  • The vast majority of Costa Rica is bordered by coastline that is a staggering 65%.
  • Getting to see the sites here area is actually very straightforward through car rental or even public transport.
  • You will find many of the mountain ranges really are volcanic, and tourists can readily visit a number of these locations.
  • With a very clear day, you will see the Pacific and even Atlantic Ocean from on top of Mt. Chirripo.
  • The evenings in San Jose are generally cooler because of the higher altitude.
  • Even though San Jose may not be the most breathtaking city of our world, it is usually safe and it has much to give visitors.

You’ll find much of the wildlife, and unique features of the intricate ecosystems will go unseen to untrained eyes, it’s suggested an experienced guide is hired for trips. This should help you make the most of the natural settings. The tracks travel throughout areas of outstanding beauty, along mountain paths, rainforests and just about everywhere between.

Your guide may even ensure that you avoid getting lost throughout this.

No matter if it’s uncovering the way of life of the nation’s Aboriginal peoples, unwinding and topping up the tan on one of the sun-kissed beaches or dancing away the night at city hot spots, Australia has got a little something special for every single traveller. (Things to do in Australia)

Try Horseback to Experience Costa Rica.

Several places throughout Costa Rica ought to be enjoyed from Horseback. It really is probably the most popular activity for visitors and is be available in virtually every area.

The Northern Pacific area, also referred to as Sabanero Country contains cattle and horse ranches that are going to make even a Texan green with envy. When a romantic gallop down the beach at sunset could be your dream, the Central Pacific area may be the choice for you.

It’s also possible to ride around and in waterfalls and also rainforests. Monteverde, together with Arenal, features a lot of mountain territory, and you’ll also travel through several coffee plantations in the process.

It is difficult to think about Costa Rica but not picture the gorgeous oceans which rise towards the soft sandy beaches. All these waters are filled with entertaining activities such as dolphin as well as whale watching.

Canoeing is a fantastic way to exercise, and an exciting way to look at the attractions from the water. Experience the world that’s below the ocean surface by scuba-diving and snorkelling. You’ll be astonished at the many different colours that the ocean conceals below the waves.

Several different types of fish, crustaceans in addition to coral exist here, and they are all delicately embellished by nature. After a particularly long day climbing and hiking, unwind within the natural hot springs that are heated by active volcanoes of Costa Rica.

Discover Costa Rica from a Hot Air Balloon

All the luscious greens not to mention crystal clear blues from the Costa Rican landscape plus water are often best viewed from up above.

Is Costa Rica Safer than Mexico?

It’s actually safe. The US State Department considers Costa Rica among the safest countries for US nationals. As per its safety ranking, Costa Rica is Level One whereas Mexico is Level Two. Jaco Royale

Drift above the rainforests, oceans, mountain tops, volcanoes and scenic coffee plantations while enjoying the comfort of a hot-air balloon. Don’t worry, you don’t need to learn how to work one. A professional pilot will guide the craft as you along with your travel companions enjoy the scenery and relax.

Parasailing is yet another excellent experience up in the air which takes you way above the water. It really is remarkable just how much sea life it is possible to see when your hundreds of feet above the surface of the water.

For any real nature enthusiast, and indeed not really for any that are faint of heart, then a canopy tour is undoubtedly a definite must. They give you a fascinating look at the understated ecosystem in the rainforests by way of zip-lines.

It doesn’t matter what system you decide on to enjoy your vacation, keep in mind that this does not stop once you arrive at a destination. When it does, you’re really missing out. Discover Costa Rica the best way, from all aspects.

San Jose and Tamarindo

In more recent years, the popularity of Costa Rica as a worldwide travel destination has grown considerably. Places that you may want to visit may include San Jose and Tamarindo.

Found in Central America, Costa Rica is actually a country that has a lot to offer you. This country differs from the others since the coast locations provide several of the best beaches worldwide.

No matter if you’re a seasoned adventurer, perhaps a history enthusiast, or you simply love the better things in your life, touring Europe has got something to offer every kind of traveller. With so much to discover and do, try to eat and shop for, planning any European tour is not as simple as you’d like. (Your Touring Europe)

In contrast, a couple of hours away from the coast you’ll find imposing mountains and volcanoes, beautiful waterways for white water rafting together with a rain forest of brilliance.

Costa Rica is known as a hot-bed of ecosystems, and therefore I won’t actually attempt to illustrate it here. Just simply access a few photos on the web, and you’ll soon find out what I mean.

People here are extremely warm and friendly, and you’ll find quite a few ex-pats inhabiting this country. Without any armed forces, Costa Rica has spent a great deal on education and learning and has now the best reading and writing level within the Americas.

That’s right, the standard is even higher than the United States.

San Jose

San Jose is actually one huge city, that’s in Costa Rica. Found in the middle of this country, the area has had a bit of a beating through the years with the occasional quake.

You’ll fully understand once you visit. The metropolis is flanked by mountain ranges with a variety of volcanoes. From time to time, this mix of topography results in a great big shake.

For any city within Central America, San Jose can be remarkably ordered although very lively. You might just have an evening at a cafe or simply go for a walk. Criminal activity isn’t a great deal of a problem.

Is It Expensive in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica may be more expensive than some other Central American countries, but you can certainly experience the country on a backpacker’s budget if you take the time to investigate low-cost sleeping options like camping, hostels and small eco guest houses. Budget travelers can survive on around $30 – $50 USD per day. Expert Vagabond

Generally, there isn’t that much to look at as such, yet this is the place most international flights land. While you’re seeing the country, you will probably come into contact with San Jose several times, so enjoy it.


A short while ago, Tamarindo had been a peaceful little beach area within the western coast in Costa Rica. Over the last couple of decades, it’s become more of an attraction for ex-pats and with growth not very far behind. Even though some of the tranquillity has now gone, Tamarindo continues to be well worth a visit also just to compare it with the rest of Costa Rica.

Tamarindo can be as good as any place to discover Costa Rica beach areas if you want a bit of civilisation. Beaches are actually immaculate and relaxing, although complete with restaurants, hotels and cafes.

You’ll find the water warm, and also fantastic surfing is available in selected spots. In the north, it’s possible to sometimes discover rare sea turtles laying eggs upon the beach late into the evening.

Regrettably, turtle watching is now a real trend, and so you may be waiting with a lot of people. There’s most certainly a voyeuristic feel with it, and you can’t help but feel a little sorry for those turtles.

When you’ve perhaps never actually visited Costa Rica and Tamarindo, you will like it. However, if you’ve been there in past times, you could be let down by all the development.

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