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Being a Single Mom

If you are working, being a single mom can bring added pressure and stress to the job of raising children and balancing home life alone, but there are benefits.


Raising Confident Kids The Right Way

When your raising confident kids they learn better ways to succeed by overcoming obstacles, and certainly not by having you, the adult, remove them.

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Schooling at Home

Schooling at home isn’t just about having children at home, as those who don’t follow homeschooling sometimes think. Homeschooling gives parents more authority over what their kids are studying.

Mother and Children

Positive Parent Solutions

Using positive parent solutions helps to create children who have healthy self-esteem, are less aggressive, and who tend to have better family bonds.

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Single Parenting and Raising Happy, Healthy Children

Can single parenting have an effect on children? 30 years back, for instance, there were 50% more single mothers than we have today. Because of this, general opinions of single mothers, as divorced mothers desperately running after men as daddies for their children, seems to have simply changed.

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Todays Parent and your Childs Behaviour

Todays parent will recognise and react to positive behaviour with children and even adolescents, rather than looking at their negative, challenging behaviours.