Category: Hearing Loss

Losing Your Ability To Hear

Many kinds of hearing loss can be treated medically if a diagnosis is made soon enough. Still, as with all health-related matters, prevention is better than the cure.


Muffled Hearing Causes and Relief

Why do people disregard the bouts of muffled hearing they encounter after a loud sporting event or musical concert, this can often lead to hearing loss.


Ears Ringing Facts About Tinnitus

Ears ringing is usually used to explain tinnitus. In some people, the sound may prevent concentration, and in several cases, it is linked with anxiety and depression.


Loss of Hearing

Loss of hearing is the impairment of the ability to hear sounds. It could be a sudden or a progressive impairment that gradually gets worse over time.


What is tinnitus

Many people believe tinnitus, characterised by a buzzing, ringing, roaring or hissing sound people often hear in either one or both ears, is a health issue.

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Inner Ear Infections

The causes of inner ear infections are most commonly viral. Still, in rare scenarios, bacterial infections that pre-exist in the middle ear can spread into the inner ear.

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Meniere’s Disease, the Facts for you

Meniere’s Disease is recognised as an inner ear condition which influences your hearing and your balance. This, in most cases, happens in just one ear at any time.

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Causes of Tinnitus and What You can do

Many people recognise the condition as being an infuriating sound which doesn’t want to leave. You’re bugged with a annoying ringing or buzzing sound coming from inside your head.