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Get Started With An Organic Garden

So if getting started on an organic garden is something you have thought about, but you’re afraid of failing, here are my best tips to help you succeed.


Organic Vegetable Gardening All Year

Organic vegetable gardening is a way of growing vegetables that encourages and enhances biological diversity and puts healthy organic veg on the table.


Indoor Plant Care Tips and Mistakes

Remember with indoor plant care that healthy plants stand a much better chance of fighting off disease or infestation, a good reason to keep on top of care.

Veggie Garden

Vegetables in the Garden

Most vegetables in the garden are very easy to plant from seed. For early spring gardens, seeds are economical and excellent fun for children.

Fresh Compost

What to Compost

In case you don’t now know, when you’re looking for what to compost, composting is the method that turns food scraps and other matter into useable garden nutrition.

Gardener Preparing Bed

Companion Planting for Gardening and Avoiding Mistakes

Companion planting for gardening is simply planting different crops in proximity to each other for several different reasons. This includes pollination, pest control, maximising the use of space, providing habitat for beneficial insects, and to even increase crop productivity.

Pink Roses

Planting Bare Root Roses for Success

Planting bare root roses calls for a great deal of confidence from newbie gardeners. Seasoned gardeners realise that those roots are going to secure themselves properly and buds will be able to shoot out of the wax-like green canes in a few weeks.