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Tips on How to Buy a Stair Lift

A stair lift can give you much more than just the best way to get from downstairs in your home to the upper levels. They also present a mobility and freedom for any age group that may have a physical restriction from climbing stairs.

Going up the Stairs Becomes a Challenge

As time passes, it’s only natural for people to discover certain everyday living that includes going up the stairs, becoming an increasing challenge.

For somebody that has restricted movement because of injuries, disabilities or even long-term illnesses. This may include rheumatoid arthritis and angina, putting in a stair lift could easily be that low-cost answer you’re looking for.

Along with present day state-of-the-art technologies, just about any home could be equipped with one, even when it has a curved stairway. Before you head out to buy, yours be sure that you make use of a specialist and accepted business with expertise in this industry.

If you’re a little uncertain as to what type of model would work for you get some good impartial suggestions from your nearest social services.

Find out about what models an organisation offers.

Go through product sales literature and catalogues, read about the various brand names of stair lifts as well as the versions offered.

Always get a variety of estimates from a selection of businesses. You should try to make sure these are for the same or perhaps similar models before doing a price comparison.

Ensure that the quotation includes the delivery and installation.

For those who have a curved stairway, ask the provider to evaluate your stairs and supply a customised quote.

Do a comparison of the post sales support. How you’re affected should the stair lift stop working?

Did you know The earliest stairlift that many of us will recognise at present was in fact formulated during the 1920s by a Mr C.C. Crispen who wished to help his close friend, who was ill, to get up and down stairs. He named his creation the inclinator. And by the 1930s the Inclinator Company was founded and it was primarily used by victims of polio.

For anyone who is considering buying from any non-manufacturer, make sure that the seller is definitely an authorised dealer, or there could be a problem getting spares.

In addition, do not order from somebody that tries to tempt you to purchase on that day or perhaps is continually pushing a particular kind.

Sales staff are rewarded to sell products and they will very often reduce the price tag a great deal to be able to get the deal. However, the product they really want you to have might not be good for you.

You’ll find that putting in a stair lift will provide you with accessibility to the entire house without difficulty, but with convenience and comfort.

It’s also much less expensive as opposed to the cost of remodelling your current house or even needing to move into a single storey property.

Buying a Curved Stair Lift

If you’re considering buying a stair lift and have concerns about having one fit as you’ve got a curved, or perhaps odd shaped stair-case or even several landings, you shouldn’t be!

A curved stair lift may be exactly what you need to have.

It doesn’t matter what the layout or design of the stair-case, stair lifts can certainly be custom-made for the shape and size of just about any stair-case comfortably managing bends, straights including landings.

However, this kind of versatility does come at a cost, in general these kinds of stair lifts are usually more expensive compared to the straight alternatives.

Dependant on the actual layout of the stair-case the price tag depends on a number of elements. How many bends, the particular angle of any bends, the size of the particular stair-case, and labour charges for example.

How to Exercise with Limited Mobility

You don’t need to have full mobility to experience the health benefits of exercise. If injury, disability, illness, or weight problems have limited your mobility, there are still plenty of ways you can use exercise to boost your mood, ease depression, relieve stress and anxiety, enhance your self-esteem, and improve your whole outlook on life.

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins that energize your mood, relieve stress, boost your self-esteem, and trigger an overall sense of well-being.

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One more design benefit with curved stair lifts will be their option to be fitted on either the inner or even the outer run of the stairs.

Meaning pretty much your stair lift can be fitted on either side of the stairs however, the shape of the stairs will determine which may really be the best option in your case.

Although there’s a good area of interest for pre-owned straight stair lifts, there’s little call for any curved stair lifts.

Therefore, they don’t have any true second-hand worth; since they’re tailor made for particular stair-cases, they aren’t ideal for fitting in any other homes.

Did you know Stair lifts as a rule have soft or gentle starts to ensure the operator isn’t jerked when the carriage begins to move. Common speeds for any residential straight rail stair lift are usually between 0.07mtrs a second approximately 13.78ft a minute, and 0.15mtrs a second approximately 29.53ft a minute about 0.34 mph.

Because of that, if you discover that over time you need to move home, if you don’t get an exact same stair-case, it’s always best to leave the stair lift on site.

Also, since they’re uniquely produced for the property concerned, be ready to give the company a considerable deposit whenever you’re buying a curved stair lift.

That doesn’t always happen getting a regular straight stair lift, since the one you’re buying is only going to fit into your home so should you change your mind the seller won’t be able to re-sell it.

Of course, these are just a few simple things to consider when purchasing a curved stair lift. You could believe that the benefits of getting at all of the levels of your own home outweigh these particular factors.

This might be particularly true in comparison to the worry and cost of remodelling your home or relocating to a new single storey house.

Buying a Used or New Stair Lift

While you’re out and about checking the marketplace for a stair lift, the vast majority you find are going to be brand new.

However, you often see many, which are used. What are the problems buying pre-owned?

First, each and every stair lift that’s built has got a track that’s custom made for that particular stair-case. As a result unless of course your own stair-case matches the one that the used stair lifts track had been cut for, it won’t be a very good fit.

Having said that, it’s possible to reduce the particular track when your stair-case is shorter when compared to the stair lift track you’re looking at however the tracks normally can’t be extended.

Yet another major problem with buying a pre-owned stair lift is you don’t get any warranty that you’d get on a brand new stair lift. You just might get a short warranty, or perhaps get no warranty whatsoever on second-hand stair lifts.

Having the 100% manufacturer warranty, you’re safeguarding your financial investment, allowing yourself a lot more comfort so just in case nothing works right as part of your warranty duration, you’re protected.

You shouldn’t need to pay more for somebody to show up and repair the stair lift.

Additionally there is the matter of price. Just about any previously owned stair lift should have a much lower price when compared to a brand new one, even so, is the difference going to be that substantial?

Did you know Regular stairlifts have got a max weight capacity, in most cases in between 18 and 22 stone. This simply means they can’t be safely and securely made use of by more heavy individuals that weigh above the max limit. Any overweight individual that has mobility difficulties might have serious problems dealing with the stairway of their home.

In addition, it varies according to the model; you may be able to find a second hand stair lift of a particular brand name for the cost of a new one from a different manufacturer.

Let’s imagine we’re checking out the exact same make of stair lifts, one second-hand, one brand new. Typically, the second-hand one is going to be billed much lower. Just what are you really buying?

You will get a somewhat cheaper stair lift that’s used, limited to zero warranty with no assurance that the track will suit your stair-case.

If you’re looking for a stair lift, then probably you’ll want a product that will work, properly and dependably, without having to be worried about it.

With the price tag and warranty variation, I’d say the best option is to buy a brand new stair lift as opposed to a second-hand one.

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