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What Is Environmental Health?

Better environmental health delivers a healthier planet. Just by avoiding using plastic packaging and making eco-friendly choices you’re helping.


The Changing Environment and You

Now the changing environment caused by climate change, including rising sea levels and frequent heatwaves is beginning to affect how people live.


Types of Renewable Energy

All types of renewable energy are basically derived from natural resources, which can be replenished quickly, for example, water, air, or wind.


Deforestation and Climate Change

Our forests are under threat and are shrinking by an area the equivalent of a major city every year due to deforestation and climate change.

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Avoiding Fossil Fuels for Clean Air

From coal to wood, using fossil fuels is the leading factor of poor air quality and global warming, time to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.


What Is the Greenhouse Effect

There are many sources of the greenhouse effect they include fossil fuel burning power plants, industrial installations and motor vehicles.

Industrial Plants

What Are Carbon Dioxide Emissions

How much do you really know about carbon dioxide emissions? This is your guide to carbon emissions, climate change, and how to reduce them.